Geoff Hancock

Furniture Maker & Antique Furniture Restorer

Chisel B-ground

Hand Wood Carving

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Traditional wood carving, used to embellish hand made furniture, or to create individual one-off commissions.

Hand-Carved-Carp Hand-Carved-Floral-Panel

Three memorial collection plates, commissioned in memory of a local blacksmith. Turned from local oak.

A carved plaque featuring a Koi Carp in Sycamore.Inspired by a carving by the Master Carver Chris Pye.

A decorative plaque carved from Sycamore. Private commission.

Carved-wooden-plates Carved-memorial-wooden-plate bespoke church furniture bespoke church furniture detail

A carved oak memorial table. The carving reflecting the local hop farmer and elements pertaining to the church.